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I picked her a flower
but never a rose
I kissed her lips
but never her toes
I showed her love
but never with lust
I spoke to her softly
but never with trust
I touched her graceful
but never with might
I held her hand
but never so tight
I made love to her
but never with passion
I feed her dinner
but never rations
I gave her what she asked
but never more
I hugged her beneath the stars
but never before
I did alot
but never enough
I did
but enough

Immerschoen 1

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Jeans Set ‘Titanic’

Shoes:   Immerschoen Girl – HighHeels Sneakers Stars (FullBlack)

Immerschoen 2

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Jeans Panty Set ‘Colin’

Shoes:  Immerschoen Girl – HighHeels Sneakers (Black)

Immerschoen 3

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Straps Jeans Set ‘Sidney’

Shoes:  Immerschoen Girl- Ankle Boots `Mia` (Brown)


Forever to hold
never too old
forever to hold,
even when gray and old.
for you are mine
forever to hold
with these few words
let joy fill your heart
with these kisses
let love fill your heart
with these hugs
let warmth fill your heart
for you are mine
forever to hold…  Immerschoen !

Immerschoen - Eliza

Outfit: Immerschoen Eliza

Immerschoen - Sassi

Outfit: Immerschoen Sassi

Immerschoen - Sidney

Outfit: Immerschoen Sidney

Kindness is beautiful, Talent is beautiful, beautiful is sweet, beautiful is great, beautiful is love, beautiful is power, I am beautiful, you are beautiful, we are beautiful


Immerschoen 1_001

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl: Leather Pants/ “Chains”  black

Immerschoen Girl: Leather Vest/ Gilet “Chains” black

Boots: Immerschoen Girl: Cowboy Boots black

Immerschoen 2_001

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl: Leather Pants “ Rivets” black

Immerschoen Girl: Leather Vest Gilet “ Stickers” black

Boots: Immerschoen Girl: Cowboy Boots black

Once locked away behind iron clad doors,
Feelings and emotions stir,
Disguised by layers of pain and ruin
Two hearts awaken.
A gentle, loving, knowing kiss;
Bound together forever
– Keepers of an invisible connection

Immerschoen Girl Brenda_001

Immerschön Girl Leather Catsuit Brenda black

Immerschoen Girl Cleo Knick_blog

Immerschön Girl `Cleo`Knickerbocker Set steelblue

Immerschoen Man Gaultier_002

Immerschön Man Jeans/ Shirts Set “Gaultier”

Immerschoen Man Stickers_002

Immerschön Man Biker Vest Set # Stickers

Wild nights. Wild nights!
Were I with thee,
Wild nights should be
Our luxury!

Futile the winds
To a heart in port
Done with the compass
Done with the chart.

Rowing in Eden.
Ah, the sea.
Might I but moor
Tonight with thee!

niciARTLINE Lingerie Casual Beauty Case Mary beige

niciARTLINE Lingerie/ Casual Beauty Case Mary beige

niciARTLINE lingerie Janine rose

NiciARTLINE Lingerie Set Janine rose

Immersch Man Leather Jeans set Henry black

Immerschoen Man Leather Jeans Set Henry black

Immerschoen Man Chaps # Buckles

Immerschoen Man Chaps Set # Buckles

Love exits since beginning!
Beyond the string of words,
But is a reality.
Love in the firmament of thoughts,
In the guise of clouds,
Always flutters, soars high,
Sometimes contracted into the drops of rain,
Impinges, scatters on the land of heart.
Taking delicacies from the breeze,
And fragrance from the roses,
Colours from the rainbow,
Light from the stars,
Weave a beautiful Anchal,
And from the same Anchal adorns,
Mud-made houses.
Love throws into trials,
Sometimes becoming poetry,
Enhances deference of the words,
Sometimes becoming a tune,
Hums gradually,
It becomes an incarnated eye,
After getting the beloved one,
A strange touch it becomes,
In the alley of the most adored.
Who knows what kind
Of magical utterances it utters,
And hurriedly descends into the close eyes
Of someone with out a knock,
And makes a residence.
Love smiles,
It is a fragrance,
Always abodes in the breath of blossoms,
Such a light it is,
As it turns into moon the dark nights,
And permanent pang it contains,
That has Indescribable tang,
The definition of Love is that it is Love…. Love to Immerschoen

Immerschoen Biker Set

Immerschoen Man – Biker Set #Black

Immerschoen – Man Cowboy Half-Boots (Black)

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)


Immerschoen Hemd, Kette

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)

Immerschoen Man – Shirt Leather #3 (Black)


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I’d rather lose
Than take no risk
For one cannot live
Without taking chances

Let the butterflies escape
Out of the jar in my stomach
Conquer this fear with no regrets
Only to let you occupy my heart

Take advantage of speech
If only to tell you how I feel
It is a risk that’s worth taking
For it is history we are making

For I know if I let loose
My path would lead to you
You would forever take my hand
And into eternity we would go
with “Immerschoen” Fashion….

Boy Outfit:    Immerschoen Biker Set Camou # BW

Girl Outfit:    Immerschoen Leather Catsuit “Brenda” black

Boy Outfit:   Immerschoen Biker Set # Camou

Girl Outfit:   Immerschoen Leather Dress “Doren” black