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Last sunday Envision Models presented a Fashion Show of the special art.

On our catwalk we showed you the Asian line from Angel Dessous, designs from PurpleMoon Creations and hairstyles from Tukinowaguma.

“Angel Dessous – lingerie and couture” is established in SL since 2007. This brand is well known grid-wide for fabulous and detailed lingerie as well as for amazing dresses and gowns. The designers love to design outfits that make women feel beautiful and especial.

“PurpleMoon Creations” offers high quality and detailed outfits, hairs and accessories at affordable prices. Every outfit they made has many fantasy details and it will make you look original and elegant wherever you go. The PM main store seems to be pleasant like a spa and the interior is as tasteful as the offered clothes. You also find all around bridal and wedding supplies there.

Our Models presenting the designs:

EmeraldEyes Honi

Koffie Juniper

Nala Kurka

Peachy Pinion

Ryanna McAndrews

Wicca Merlin


And here are some impressions from the Fashion Show


Show 01


Show 02


Show 04


Show 05


Show 06


Show 07


Show 09


Show 10


Show 11


Show 12


Show 13


glorious kimono
kings and great men
bend their knees
in homage due

glorious kimono
there is yet
so much greatness
your legend grew

clothing of
beauties so fair
feminine forms artistic
discovered in view

songs sung
haikus revealed
no longer concealed
the loves found true

glorious kimono
making history
in cunning skills
those who wore you knew

glorious kimono
Japanese women
are covered, deified
and glorified in You

glorious kimono
many colors
folded gently
by the bed
On Japanese women
it is always said

her love is always new

Xylona Asian Dream red gold

Kimono: “Xylona” Asian Dreams red

Tukinowaguma Sayaka Ebony

Hair: Tukinowaguma Sayaka ebony

Xylona Asian Dreams black gold

Kimono: “Xylona” Asian Drems black

Tukinowaguma Akie Ebony

Hair: Tukinowaguma Akie ebony


I try not to run away from who I am, or to compare myself to who I was
I try to look forward
I try to embrace my existence and to be thankful for all I have
I try to realize that all I have today exists in part because of all the sadness and
all the pain and suffering I have endured
I try to see the good in that.
I try to think who would I be if not for who I am today.
I try to see the light.
I try and talk to god.
I try to maintain hope and faith and an unbridled belief that things will resolve and then I hope a little more and pray that is enough
I try not to weaken although each day I die inside
and although I feel like I cannot go on
I will, because
I try not to run away from who I am, or compare myself to who I was
I try to look forward.

And this is easier with hairstyles by Tukinowaguma…….

Tukinowaguma Sophia Ebony

Tukinowaguma Sophia Ebony

Tukinowaguma Gerda red

Tukinowaguma Gerda Red

Tukinowaguma Frida Ebony

Tukinowaguma Frida Ebony

Tukinowaguma Anita Brown

Tukinowaguma Anita Brown

Landmark to “Tukinowaguma Mainstore”

Oh the “Tukinowaguma” is a wonderful thing
I love the way it blows and swings
Buisness in the front so they say..
And everytime I see one, it makes my day.
Every place you go..
And every person you see
Has some “Tukinowaguma” in their soul
Including me
So my advise to all of those
Who who dislike “Tukinowaguma” you this goes
“Tunkinowaguma” are a beautiful thing
They leave a smile on the face
and you love the feeling of the curls
When your in the “Tukinowaguma” beholder’s embrace
So next time you see one,
Compliment the lucky star..
Because TUKINOWAGUMA is a beautiful thing
whether you are near or you are far!

                    Hair:  Tukinowaguma Cybon Ebony+ Leaf

        Hair: Tukinowaguma Darner Silver (Silver) + Upstyle

                    Hair: Tukinowaguma Sorite Rose Red (Red)

                       Hair: Tukinowaguma Lilli Ebony (Purple)

                           Hair: Tukinowaguma Zkan Ebony

                          Hair: Tukinowaguma Gine Chocolate

SilsTip 053

Styling Card


*C:K* Deadly Butterfly Top – Blood


*C:K* Dyrk Psycho Lace Up Skirt


Maitreya Gold Aequus Black *V2.0 Boxed*


Tukinowaguma Black Abiru2




Vincenca Rosca Jewellery – Celtic Earring Selection

Have fun!



Posted: March 5, 2010 by mondfinster in Tukinowaguma

One of my favourite gown designer is Mami Jewell, owner of the label -Azul-. Here comes one of her new dresses:

Model: Nala Kurka

Photographer: Nala Kurka

dress: -AZUL- MilaGown/Iolite

hair: Tukinowaguma Arwen SH 2 ebony

earrings: $GaNKeD$ Suri Earring in Rose

shoes:*KL* Sandals  Zara Black01 Display


Posted: January 9, 2010 by mondfinster in Tukinowaguma, Vincenca Rosca

Hello friends of Envision and of fashion and styling,

today I’ll show you the newest release from “Miamai”, the label around the designer “monica Outlander”. Lovely and high quality clothes mixed up with sex appeal and an elegant style. I love it! Have fun with shopping, your Nala.

Liebe Freunde von Envion und von Fashion und Styling,

heute präsentiere ich euch das neueste Outfit vom Label “Miamai”. Die Designerin “monica Outlander” versteht es, Texturen von höchster Qualität einen Hauch von Sex Appeal und Eleganz einzuhauchen und wunderbare Kreationen zu entwickeln! Unbedingt besuchen! Viel Spaß beim Shoppen!

Eure Nala

shirt: Miamai_Starry Shirt Black NEW!

pants: Miamai_Jeunesse Pants Black NEW!

shoes: *COCO*_SpanglesStilettoHeel_Black

jewellery: Miss Universe Collection by Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery

hair: Tukinowaguma Arwen SH Ebony

skin: *OC* Cindy Skin v2 – Nude