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I picked her a flower
but never a rose
I kissed her lips
but never her toes
I showed her love
but never with lust
I spoke to her softly
but never with trust
I touched her graceful
but never with might
I held her hand
but never so tight
I made love to her
but never with passion
I feed her dinner
but never rations
I gave her what she asked
but never more
I hugged her beneath the stars
but never before
I did alot
but never enough
I did
but enough

Immerschoen 1

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Jeans Set ‘Titanic’

Shoes:   Immerschoen Girl – HighHeels Sneakers Stars (FullBlack)

Immerschoen 2

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Jeans Panty Set ‘Colin’

Shoes:  Immerschoen Girl – HighHeels Sneakers (Black)

Immerschoen 3

Outfit: Immerschoen Girl – Straps Jeans Set ‘Sidney’

Shoes:  Immerschoen Girl- Ankle Boots `Mia` (Brown)


Rest your head and close your eyes
Everything will be okay
For when you wake with the sweet sunrise
It will be a brand new day
Turn down the lights and pull me close
Feel only the beating of our hearts as we lay
For when you wake with the soft morning breeze
It will be a brand new day
Relax your body and caress my soft hair
Let all of life’s worries melt away
For when you wake with the warm summer scent
It will be a brand new day
Fall fast asleep and dream with me
Whisper "I love you, I’m here to stay"
For when we wake in each other’s arms
It will be a brand new day…

Champagne Sparkling Fashion

champagne Envy Krypt

Envision Models CEO Kryptonius Eebus wears: Champagne *ENVY*

Champagne Precious Cacao Linnda

Envision Topmodel Linnda Scofield wears: Champagne *PRECIOUS CACAO*

Champagne Control- Krypt

Envision Models CEO Kryptonius Eebus wears: Champagne *CONTROL*

Champagne Grandiose Linnda

Envision Topmodel Linnda Scofield wears: Champagne *GRANDIOSE*

We were going to be together forever,
until that fateful night when you said you didn’t feel the same,
We spent weeks apart and for the first time I know
how it felt to have a broken heart.
It felt like a hole was gaping in my chest
when I tried to sleep I cried and couldn’t rest.
Finally I got enough courage to talk to you again,
thank God I did because my heart is now mending
and you are by my side once again.

Champagne Koffie & Soul

Champagne Koffie & Soul 21

Envision Topmodel Koffie Juniper wears: CHAMPAGNE Nuage

Envision Model Soulful Dreamscape wears: CHAMPAGNE Trust

If love asks a question, do not deceive
For the truth is the answer, I only believe

If my heart should open, love do not fear
Or if my eyes in happiness shed a tear

Let the wind in my soul blow you away
And the sun in my heart brighten your day

If love and life I was asked to compare
Both of these with you I wish to share

Champagne Sparkling Fashion

Champagne Mystere - Poet Silver

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly wears: Champagne Gown MYSTERE

Envision Models CEO Kryptonius Eebus wears: Champagne POET Silver

I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine
hold me tight and I’ll be fine
of all the things big and small
what I want most of all
is if you’d agree to never fight
it wouldn’t matter who’s wrong or right
all your heart is what I want you to send
and mine will be with you until the end
of everything I love to do
most of all it’s being with you
I love you… Champagne Sparkling Fashion

champagne Irish Nala

Champagne Gown: Irish

Model: Nala Kurka

Champagne Glamour

Champagne: Glamour

Model: Kryptonius Eebus

Forever to hold
never too old
forever to hold,
even when gray and old.
for you are mine
forever to hold
with these few words
let joy fill your heart
with these kisses
let love fill your heart
with these hugs
let warmth fill your heart
for you are mine
forever to hold…  Immerschoen !

Immerschoen - Eliza

Outfit: Immerschoen Eliza

Immerschoen - Sassi

Outfit: Immerschoen Sassi

Immerschoen - Sidney

Outfit: Immerschoen Sidney

For ever takes me by a minute,
While I’m here with you.
I’m falling even more in love,
With everything you do.
Hold me in your arms,
Look deep into my eyes,
Don’t turn away and let me go,
Don’t ever tell me lies.
I swear I’ll never let you go,
I’ll always hold on tight
I’ll carry on day and night

There aren’t enough hours,
In each passing day,
To find all the words,
I wish I could say.
Your kiss will last forever,
Your touch forever warm.
You’ll guide me to the sunlight,
And shield me from the storm.
This is what I’m saying,
With everything that’s true,
I swear on my life,
that I really do love you…… CHAMPAGNE! sparkling fashion

Champagne Courtisane white



Champagne Delicate


Champagne Precious Cerise_001


Champagne Control_001


Champagne Smart dark grey_001


Champagne Warm_001