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The night light that keeps us safe
The light that we embrace
The moon so peaceful and true
The same peaceful light that I see in you
You watch over me
And I watch over you
I know together our love will always bloom
I long to touch you
You long to feel me
our love gets stronger each day
The special light that keeps us safe
The fullest light that I embrace…


LeeZu Outfit 1 blog

LeeZu Outfit 1

Outfit: [LeeZu] Glitter Pants/black

[LeeZu] Arabesque Blouse/blue

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage- Ocean

Hair: *booN* ANT 213 Hair black

Skin: *LaCrima* Skin Mara Pale M1

LeeZu Outfit 2 blog

LeeZu Outfit 2

Outfit: [LeeZu] glitter Pants/ silver

[LeeZu] Araplain Blouse/ olive

Shoes: .*Coutisane*. Devoue Sandal/ graybrown

Hair: *Exile* Fae/ blacks- greystone

Skin: *YS & YS* Julia Skin 13 Impero

In this blogpost I show you some more of the 2011 Tuxedo Collection from Styles of edo


Tuxedo2, Coordinated15

2011Tuxedo 2, Coordinated 15, Styles of edo


Tuxedo6, Coordinated2

2011 Tuxedo 6, Coordinated 2, Styles of edo


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Kryptonius Eebus

Love exits since beginning!
Beyond the string of words,
But is a reality.
Love in the firmament of thoughts,
In the guise of clouds,
Always flutters, soars high,
Sometimes contracted into the drops of rain,
Impinges, scatters on the land of heart.
Taking delicacies from the breeze,
And fragrance from the roses,
Colours from the rainbow,
Light from the stars,
Weave a beautiful Anchal,
And from the same Anchal adorns,
Mud-made houses.
Love throws into trials,
Sometimes becoming poetry,
Enhances deference of the words,
Sometimes becoming a tune,
Hums gradually,
It becomes an incarnated eye,
After getting the beloved one,
A strange touch it becomes,
In the alley of the most adored.
Who knows what kind
Of magical utterances it utters,
And hurriedly descends into the close eyes
Of someone with out a knock,
And makes a residence.
Love smiles,
It is a fragrance,
Always abodes in the breath of blossoms,
Such a light it is,
As it turns into moon the dark nights,
And permanent pang it contains,
That has Indescribable tang,
The definition of Love is that it is Love…. Love to Immerschoen

Immerschoen Biker Set

Immerschoen Man – Biker Set #Black

Immerschoen – Man Cowboy Half-Boots (Black)

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)


Immerschoen Hemd, Kette

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)

Immerschoen Man – Shirt Leather #3 (Black)


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It started out simple
like somthing new
I knew from the beginning
there was just somthing about you.
I loved the way you smiled
and the way you laughed
We were on different roads
until the roads came to one path.
When you asked me out
the butterflies came
they came in my heart
and I was never the same.
We became one
at the same time we were best friends
You said ‘Forever and always’
and I thought it would never end.
It was like that for a while
and I lived for your kiss
you told me I was beautiful
and I felt such total bliss.

Fall in love …. with VERO MODERO


VERO MODERO / Red Rose Set



VERO MODERO / Trendy Set


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Kryptonius Eebus

Welcome a quiet day
In your way
Where you can
Drive the van
Of this life
Where you survive
In peace and quiet
To color white
The days of peace
Where trouble’s cease
And shows you dear
Love and care
That can lead you in
The happiness bin
Where all your sorrows
And trouble’s of tomorrow
Will be swapped with joy
For you to forever enjoy.


Styles of edo Tuxedo Tesan3

2011 Tuxedo Tesan 3, C1, Styles of edo


Styles of edo Tuxedo04 Coordinated 18

2011 Tuxedo 4, Coordinated 18, Styles of edo


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Kryptonius Eebus

VERO MODERO   Gold Dress_001



VERO MODERO   Grey Days_001



Vero Modero Casual Set



Vero Modero Snake Set



All you women and men need for dressing up.

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Love Regards,

Kryptonius Eebus

Today I present you some more releases for the well dressed man created by SHIKI Designs. They have all the man of today needs to look well.

SHIKI ZEBRA tux Outfit

SHIKI – ZEBRA tux outfit

The ZEBRA is a complete outfit for men looking for formal wear with a bit of uniqueness to it. The first outfit from the new Black and White Collection from SHIKI, the outfit includes a jacket with sculpted lapel, dress shirt with sculpted collar and bow tie and black slacks.




The CHECKMATE outfit is an effortlessly stylish ensemble for the man who prefers a casual look. The CHECKMATE is inspired by Tokyo, where black is the color of choice for the cooler season. Casual and sophisticated, the outfits comes with a checked long sleeve shirt with sculpted collar, tie and arm cuffs. The shirt also comes with a vest option. The simple black slacks complete the ensemble.


Please visit the SHIKI mainstore and enjoy Shopping !!!

Love Regards,

Kryptonius Eebus