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Dance in the moon light with all the stars in sight
Dance with all of this power and might
Dance with danger every night
Dance up and down twirling around
Dance with sweat dripping down the neck
Then dance with fire every dark hour
Dance with thrust if you must
But dance on the hour every hour
That’s when to explain in steps the dance of dances

Xylona The Dance

Outfit: “Xylona Design” The Dance

Skin: *Elfenground* Candy afro lachs

Xylona Sold white

Outfit: “Xylona Design” Sold white

Skin: *Elfenground* Candy afro bloodred smoked


The jungle

Out here amongst the beast

All of society gone

All law out of reach

The people of the world

Will never find me here

There is nothing but life to live

And nothing but death to fear

So I will stay in the jungle

Until my dying day

Death come as it will

Life do as it may…..

and "Xylona" will be with me

Today we show you the new creations made by “Xylona Design”

Xylona Sassy Patched_001

Outfit: *Xylona* Sassy Patched

Skin: *Elfenground* Carol bloodred

Xylona Steam Hunter_001

Outfit: *Xylona* Steam Hunter

I watch you as you
whisper into her ear
If only I could tell you
the way I really feel
Its just so hard for me to see
You with her instead of me
I try so hard not to show it
because that might just blow it
I wish you could only see
That we are meant to be
This might be my only chance
Before I take that one last glance
I Love you now and always will
Its just the way I’ll always feel
I know that we cant be together
But I’ll wait for you forever……….
wonderful Xylona Design & Elfenground Skins

Xylona The Steam Claw

Outfit: Xylona Design – The Steam Claw

Skin: Elfenground * Babes* goth

Xylona anpao creme_001

Outfit: Xylona Design- anpao creme

Skin: Elfenground *Candy* Hairbase afro lachs

Xylona anpao red_002

Outfit: Xylona Design- anpao red

Skin: Elfenground *Candy* Hairbase Jamaika brown smoked

Landmark to Xylona Design & Elfenground Skins

Im pround to show you the very high detailed muscle Skins from *Elfenground*

and a great new outfit

Sonja cover

Elfenground muscle Skin Sonja

Sonja smoked bruised

Elfenground muscle Skin Sonja smoked bruised

Sonja smoked deep red

Elfenground muscle Skin Sonja smoked deep red

Sonja violett

Elfenground muscle Skin Sonja violett

Elfenground Farmers Cutie_001

and here I present you the new Elfenground “Farmers Cutie”     outfit….

                              Landmark to the Mainstore

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Her skin, I love to touch,
I love to touch her skin.
Soft, succulent, delicious skin
on legs, belly, breasts, her folds.
I love to touch her skin.
Our mouths,
with gentle suction, pulling and drawing,
Our tongues,
entwined in rhythmical dance,
sliding, swirling, simulated movements when united.
Thick protrusion enters her skin,
Her skin,
I love to touch.

Her skin, made by “Elfenground”………..

The details and the smooth appearance is not to compare….

Candy Dark Skin Cover

Candy dark cherry red

Candy dark naturale

Skin Candy light Cover

Candy light dark brown

Candy light pink

Candy Skinline Dark & Light ………. more make- up variations

you wil find here……….. Landmark to the Mainstore

Skin Carol Cover

Carol lachs smoked

Carol lachs

Carol bloodred smoked

Carol bloodred

Carol Skinline * dark smoked* & dark …… more make- up variations you will find here……

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Electelle Eales