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I present you 3 nice outfits made by GAWK !!!

Gawk ! Black Star Tank Dress

Gawk ! Black Star Tank Dress

Gawk ! Pink- Yellow Ruffled Lace Dress

Gawk ! Pink- Yellow Ruffled Lace Dress

Gawk ! Rose Sports

Gawk ! Rose Sports Collection


I close my eyes, and there you are;
you dazzle me, from near and far;
your silhouette – it strikes me too;
no other like it, uniquely you;
all perfect curves, from head to toe;
from hips to calves, from eyes to nose;
both inside and outside, your brilliance flows;
I crave your kiss, my heart explodes;
still strong without you, I remain;
though hard it is, each passing day;
I am bolstered too, each sunless night;
your voice I hear, turns dark to light;
I want you now, stay near to me;
eyes open wide, still you I see ….Gawk!

Outfit: Gawk! black stitched Jeans Mini Dress & white Plaid Tummy Shirt

Outfit: Gawk ! Saucy Red Pattern Shirt+ black Strapless Top

Black and white Stitched Jeans

Outfit:  Gawk! White Mini Lace Dress/ Pink Satin Corsage

               Gawk! Black Mini Lace Dress/ Red Satin Corsage