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True love comes only once in a lifetime
yet it lasts an eternity
It has the power to crush someone so deeply
while at the same time they know
there’s no one else in the world they’d rather be with
True love will knock down the walls of difficulty
to be with that special one
It will take your hand and fly over the world
into a place where there’s no pain, no tears
True love will withstand the test of time,
forever waiting until its love is returned
It never fails, never dies, never lets go of the one they

Baiastice Outfit 1

Outfit: Baiastice_ Thithee Bodysuit blue

Boots: Baiastice_ Bow-Back Knee Boots- midnight blue

Baiastice 2

Outfit: Baiastice_ Themi gold

Boots: Baiastice_ Bow-Back Ankle Boots- gold

Baiastice 3

Outfit: Baiastice_ Bodysuit de sourpirs- wine

Boots: Baiastice_ Bow-Back Knee Boots- red

Baiastice 4

Outfit: Baiastice_ Revolver Short Jacket- gold

Baiastice_ Flower Pants- grey

Boots: Baiastice_ Bow_Back Ankle Boots- brown pyton

Baiastice 5

Outfit: Baiastice_ Bexley Suit black+ white shirt

Boots: Baiastice_ Bow-Back Ankle Boots silver


One glance from her eyes
so dark and so brown,
put him under her spell,
his world spun around
One smile from her lips,
his heart skipped a beat,
her womanly spell,
knocked him right off his feet
One word, just one look,
he flew out of control,
and her magical spell,
touched the heart of his soul
Her voice of pure velvet,
his thoughts were now drifting,
her magic and laughter,
her joy so uplifting
For her magic, her charms,
her feminine ways,
would enchant him would capture him,
all of his days
His heart was now hers,
his love hers to keep,
for the power of her magic,
that moved him so deep
For the love in her eyes,
sent him out of control,
and her magical spell,
played the harp of his soul.

AZUL Anna Onyx ww

Envision´s 1st Model wolkenlocke Whitfield wears: AZUL Gown ANNA / ONYX

I think of you when I get out of bed
when I say my morning prayer
I think of you when I take a shower
when hoping you’d join me…
I think of you all the time
I just wonder if you ever think of me too..


Linnda AZU Jeanie Amethyst

Envision Topmodel Linnda Scofield wears: AZUL – Jeanie Amethyst

The night light that keeps us safe
The light that we embrace
The moon so peaceful and true
The same peaceful light that I see in you
You watch over me
And I watch over you
I know together our love will always bloom
I long to touch you
You long to feel me
our love gets stronger each day
The special light that keeps us safe
The fullest light that I embrace…


LeeZu Outfit 1 blog

LeeZu Outfit 1

Outfit: [LeeZu] Glitter Pants/black

[LeeZu] Arabesque Blouse/blue

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage- Ocean

Hair: *booN* ANT 213 Hair black

Skin: *LaCrima* Skin Mara Pale M1

LeeZu Outfit 2 blog

LeeZu Outfit 2

Outfit: [LeeZu] glitter Pants/ silver

[LeeZu] Araplain Blouse/ olive

Shoes: .*Coutisane*. Devoue Sandal/ graybrown

Hair: *Exile* Fae/ blacks- greystone

Skin: *YS & YS* Julia Skin 13 Impero

Look at me in your moments of despair;
life is no easy life is not fair.
Look at me in your moments of loneliness;
I can bring you peace and I can bring you happiness.
Look at me in your moments of sorrow;
I am your today and I want to be your tomorrow.
Look at me in your moments of joy;
life is also worth to be enjoyed….

Vero Modero Fashion & the beautiful Skins @ LaVie

Vero Modero 1 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Geo Gown Gold

Skin: LaVie Hope Missy Rose Normal # 16 cleavage

Hair: Dr. Life Healthy Hair Kyung

Vero Modero 1 LaVie Skin blog

LaVie Skin Hope Missy Rose Normal #16 cleavage

Vero Modero 1.2 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Geo Gown Fushia

Vero Modero 2 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Starry Night Bronze

Skin: LaVie Hope Smokey Eyes II Normal #3 (H) cleavage

Hair: :Mirone: ADIE V2_ platinum

Vero Modero 3 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Pearl Bride Wedding Gown

Skin: LaVie Hope Last Dance Normal #9

Hair: Dr. Life Hair Alicia

Vero Modero 3

LaVie Skin Hope Last Dance Normal #9

sometimes I wonder if what she says is what she means,
sometimes I wonder, do I stay or leave, sometimes I wonder,
what should I say, sometimes I wonder, will she stay,
sometimes I wonder, will I get to play, sometimes I wonder,
what will happen another day, sometimes I wonder….
no I don’t wonder,
I know, I love her…….. AZUL

AZUL Serene Sapphire

Gown: AZUL Serene/ Sapphire

You’re the radio, just what I want to hear.
You’re the darkness, my greatest fear.
You’re the candy, you’re ever so sweet.
You’re my addiction, hard to beat.
You’re the air, just what I need.
You’re my depression, my tears I bleed.
You’re my dream, a figment of my imagination.
You’re the punishment, for my retaliation.
You’re the flowers, they live to pollinate.
You’re the ticking clock, my hour of fate.
You’re the clouds, you soar over me.
You’re the crash of waves, from the
raging sea.
You’re my soul, you give me life.
You’re the way out, you’re the knife.
You’re the moon, with such perfect shape.
You’re the dungeon, with no escape.
You’re the birds, they love to sing.
You’re everywhere, you’re everything…

Ys YS Skinline Joceline blog

a selection of make-ups- Skinline *YS- YS* Joceline, more make- up variations are available

all skins come with hairbase and freckles tatoo layer

YS YS Soho Bag Collection blog

the new *YS- YS* Soho bag collection

Ys YS Soho Boots 1 blog

YS YS Soho Boots 2 blog

the new *YS- YS* Soho Boots collection