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As I hold this strand of simple beads
I think of my special friends
The joys of laughing in quiet rooms
The worries under the secluded moons

The wonders of love go through me
As I hold these stones of mine
I reach up for the stars I see before me
And know I’ll enjoy whatever I find.

GK Precious Flowers Celeste

Gems & Kisses Precious Flowers Collection

GK Sunlight Gold

Gems & Kisses Sunlight Gold Collection


I´m proud to show you some great jewelry designs made by Deliziosa Vendetta from Gems & Kisses…

You get all this designs @ jewelry fair 2010…   Gems & Kisses stand


                                                                                                                                                                                                        Gems & Kisses Horn Gold

                                                                                                                                                                                                Gems & Kisses Humanity Gold

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Gems & Kisses Tooth Gold

We were happy to announce the opening of the new mainstore of  Gems & Kisses on the day 19th June 2010 at 9 AM SLT.

There was a Fashion show  at 1 PM SLT, show casing the new line of jeweled-nails called “Vendetta” Created by the talented artist Deliziosa Vendetta.

 The show was produced by new creative model management BACKSTAGE.

Here a little review of  the show….

And here the new release for the Summer… Gems & Kisses- Chen- Burnt Bronze


Gems & Kisses – Queen of Sea

Posted: March 23, 2010 by Annough Lykin in Gems&Kisses

I had the pleasure to make a fotoshooting with Deliziosa Vendetta herself for the cover of our next magazine – so be prepared for the new issue.

The fotos with her new Gems&Kisses Dress Queen of See in ocean got so fantastic that I asked her if I could use some of the pictures for blogging the dress. And she said yes!

Thanks Deliziosa for beeing such a wonderful model for me and thanks for this beautiful dress.

The spring bring’s news from Gems&Kisses

Posted: March 22, 2010 by Annough Lykin in Gems&Kisses

This spring a beautiful surprise is awaiting us. Deliziosa Vendetta, known for her famous jewellery brand Gems&Kisses, has desgined her first real fashion line and gained herself a place in Haute Couture sky immediately.Fashion Rebel was already sold for a high price on the BOSL Charity Auction in a unique colour combination. Whoever missed the chance can now choose between one of six wonderful colour variations.

Dieses Frühjahr erwartet uns mit einer wunderbaren Überraschung. Deliziosa Vendette, bekannt für ihren Schmuck unter der Marke Gems&Kisses, hat ihre erste Fashion Linie herausgebracht und sich damit auf Anhieb einem Platz im Haute Couture Himmel gesichert. Der Fashion Rebel wurde in einer einmaligen Farbkombination bereits auf der BOSL Charity Auktion „McQueen“ hoch gehandelt. Wer die Gelegenheit verpasst hat, hat nun die
Möglichkeit sich eine der sechs neuen Farbvarianten auszusuchen.

Dress: Gems&Kisses
1st Picture: Fashion Rebel in white
2nd Picture: Fashion Rebel in black
3rd Picture: Fashion Rebel in red

Model: Electelle Eales
Photo: Annough Lykin

Here are two wonderful pieces of Gems & Kisses. The “Meduse Woman Gold” outfit in conjunction with the “Luxury Chains- Gold Choker”, a necklace

with a special character. For the sophisticated woman, one of the most beautiful collections of Gems & Kisses.

Hier zwei wunderschöne Stücke vom Gems& Kisses. Das “Meduse Woman Gold” Outfit im Zusammenspiel mit dem “Luxury Chains Gold Choker”,

 einem Halsband mit besonderen Charakter. Für die anspruchsvolle Frau einer der schönsten Zusammenstellungen von Gems& Kisses.

Gems & Kisses – Meduse Woman – Gold – Jewelry Dress

Gems & Kisses – Luxury Chains – Gold/Gold – Choker