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I wish I had a good friend,
someone who will always be with me until the end.
who’s really caring and very kind,
who also has a clever mind,
I want a friend who will give good advise,
who won’t have any lice!
I want a friend who would not pretend,
who would also know the new styles and trend…

Morea Style 1

Dress: Morea Style Glamour / Cocktail Indescence Silver

Morea Style 2

Dress: Morea Style Glamour / Cocktail Indescence Pearl Beige

Morea Style 3


Outfit: Morea Style Casual *LESLY BLACK*


Do you know it’s Christmas,
A Little after Thanksgiving
And a shade before New Year,
A Day of triumphant light and love,
Love ~ the feeling you and I share, and
Light ~ it has brought to our lives.
This Christmas is very special !
I have been granted my secret wish
I have a dress from your lovely company

Collection Morea Christ

Outfit: Collection Morea Style Christmas 2010/ 2011 *Loly*

SilsTip 044

Dress: Collection MOREA STYLE CITY * INGRID rose*

Jewellery: Vincenca Rosca *North Star Collection* ( set coming soon)

Hair: >TRUTH< Lauren -  black & whites

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Esprit Black

Have fun!

Sil Collas

You come outside
To view the faint sunset
Light bewildered by trees
Shines through quietly
You glide your soft auburn hair
Perched behind your ear
And in this moment I feel at home
Beneath the interior
You are my humble abode…
Your company is soothing
Calming and reassuring
Inside, the wind chimes ring
You saunter and my hearts sings
Bit by bit I begin to recognize
The enchanting glow in your subtle eyes
Hidden in all abstract clothes
It’s you; what all artists see
You are poetry then, and this is “Morea Style”….

                          Morea Style “Insolence” Gown in black- gold

                               Morea Style “Clarence” in brown- pearl

                            Morea Style “City Jil” rose+grey and blue