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I love me
more than you love me
without me
there would be no you

I love you
more than I love me
without you
there would be no need for me

I love you
you love me
apart we are separate
together we are one…. Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa Randomly Wild_001

Mea Culpa- Randomly Wild


No matter how far you’re away from me
I feel your love and we’re meant to be

You are so special in every way
And I listen to everything that you have to say

You fill my heart with the love that you share
And when you write me you show that you care

I trust you to tell you when I’m sad
And you comfort me lover no matter how bad

You are the one that I think of all night
And you are the one that makes my life right

How lucky I am to share life with you
And there’s no one that can love you the way that I do

Can we spend life together and happiness we’ll find
Because the things we have in common are one of a kind

Mea Culpa Bionic Symbiosis

Mea Culpa “Bionic Symbiosis” Gown

Mea Culpa Floral Intimitation

Mea Culpa “ Floral Intimitation” Gown

Butterfly, the wind blows sea-ward,
strong beyond the garden-wall!
Butterfly, why do you settle on my
shoe, and sip the dirt on my shoe,
Lifting your veined wings, lifting them?
big black butterfly!

Already it is October, and the wind
blows strong to the sea
from the hills where snow must have
fallen, the wind is polished with
Here in the garden, with red
geraniums, it is warm, it is warm
but the wind blows strong to sea-ward,
black butterfly, content on my shoe!

Will you go, will you go from my warm
Will you climb on your big soft wings,
as up an invisible rainbow, an arch
till the wind slides you sheer from the
and in a strange level fluttering you go
out to sea-ward, black speck!

                    Mea Culpas new release:  Midnight Butterfly

Give me all your secrets,
I will put them in a box,
There they will be safe,
For I will use a hundred locks.

Tell me all your wishes,
I will help them to come true,
Anything, at any moment,
Is what I would do for you.

So, I ask you to remember,
That I am at your side,
Always and forever,
Someone in whom you can confide.
Mea Culpa High Fashion….

                            Mea Culpa-  La Dolce Vita white

                                   Mea Culpa-  Return of Isis

                               Mea Culpa-  Black Widdow

Love is precious in many ways.
Love is embrace passion.
Love is eternal happiness.
Love is heart felt emotions.
Love is the understanding of one another.
Love is that special someone.
Love is flying without wings.
Love is the joy you feel with someone.
Love is caring for someone special.
Love is that who touches your heart.
Love is what makes your heart beat.
Love is the healing power of your heart and soul.
Love is that beauty within.
Love is what makes dreams come true.
Love is the fuel of the heart and soul.
Love is the foundation of life.
Love is the meaning of “Mea Culpa”.

                                Mea Culpa- Lost in Netherworlds

                                           Mea Culpa- Solar System

Twighlight Fantasy

Posted: July 6, 2010 by Annough Lykin in Mea Culpa

Come with me to a land far away, join me in my twighlight fantasy with Mea Culpa…

Hair: [UW.7R] Nick-Hiar size-S Meteoric

Skin: – Glam Affair – Sofia Carnival skin – 04

Lashes: /Wasabi Pills/ Storm

Outfit: Mea Culpa Twighlight Fantasy

Shoes: Armidi – Sasche Flats [Black]

Slowly, slowly, you entered my heart.
Your desire spread through me.
Along my path, in my sights,
Now, in every direction, there is you and only you.
There’s a storm of emotion in the rise and fall of my breath;
The beating of my heart is like an earthquake.
What madness, what sort of obsession is this?
What can I say of my state now?
My heart, my soul, my whole world,
All my desire is you.
Beloved, I am coming to tell you.
The dream I’ve beheld?
I am bringing it to show to you.
Why should I remain silent? Why shouldn’t I tell you?
You are my heart’s peace.
Slowly, slowly, you entered my heart.
Your desire spread through me.
Along my path, in my sights,
Now, in every direction, there is only…. Mea Culpa….

                      My favorite…. Mea Culpa-  Innocent Fantasy

     Pose:  Body Talking (Spring Time 3) made by Arisia Ashmoot

                                 Mea Culpa- White Style Desaster

         Pose:  Body Talking (yes I do 7) made by Arisia Ashmoot