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When it’s winter in the Valley
and my breath hangs in the air,
The snow will crunch beneath my feet
and glisten in the air.
The stars at night light up my world
so I never walk alone;
It’s clear and crisp and beautiful
in the Valley I call home.

INDI 1 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Michelle

Boots: INDI Designs De Luca ankle Boots black

INDI 2 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Dale

Shoes: INDI Designs O´Donnell green/ beige

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Outfit: INDI Designs Sheldon

Shoes: INDI Designs O´Donnell dark brown/ warm beige

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Outfit: INDI Designs Michelle (b)

Boots: INDI Designs De Luca Half Boots brown

INDI Designs De Luca Boots beige


Sils Lust- und Launetipp 56

Posted: November 23, 2010 by silcollas in INDI
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SilsTip 056

INDI Designs – Michelle

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Have fun!

Sil Collas

lips are sealed
tongue is tied
hands can’t reach
the feelings are locked

Into these eyes
read the words unsaid
the feelings not laid
plunge deeply into my heart
every time
love is there
love is there…

with you in a Lingerie made by INDI

It´s my pleasure to show you the sexy Lingerie by INDI Designs….

             INDI Lingerie Rendezvous black-white and burgundy

                         INDI Lingerie Temptation blue & purple

I hope to always be the one
That takes your breath away
I hope to always fill your thoughts
As you go about your day
I hope to always be the one
That you dream of at night
I hope it’s still my face you see
When you close your eyes so tight
I hope you always feel the love
That I have for only you
I hope that you know
Everything I feel for you is true.

I pray that what we share
Will last for eternity
And when you need someone so bad
Know you can always turn to me
I pray that the hurt
We sometimes feel inside
Will one day come to an end
Along with tears we’ve cried
I hope to always have this feeling
That you bring to me
Take another look into my heart…
I love you.. INDI….honestly

My pleasure to show 2 beautiful Designs, made by INDI….

Outfit:  INDI Brianna (b)

Shoes: INDI de Luca ankle boots blue & INDI Lombardi Booties blue

Outfit: INDI Lexi (r)

Shoes: INDI de Luca half  Boots burgundy & Lombardi Booties burgundy