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Walk with me if you want
walk beside me
Talk to me if you want
talk to me
Listen if you want
I’ll listen back
ask and seek advice
don’t be afraid
I’ll help
I will always be there
In good times and bad times
In happy and sad times
I will follow you through life
I will be your friend…. GizzA

Gizza 2

Outfit: **GizzA** Summer Outfits Female (Cream)

Skin: *LaCrima* Skin Luna Pale M5

Shape: *LaCrima* Shape Luna

Gizza 1

Outfit: **GizzA** Summer Dream Dress ( Forest)

Skin: *LaCrima* Skin Jean light M2

Shape: *LaCrima* Shape Jean

Gizza Male

Male Outfits: **GizzA** Summer Outfit Male Polo

**GizzA** Summer Outfit Male khaki

if love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
if love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,
if love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice before
I’ll choice you!
because…..You are my choice


Gizza Warm Touches_002

Outfit:  GizzA Warm Touches

gizza 2 men

Outfit:  GizzA Leather Jacket Male cream & Pants tartan black

Gizza Warm Touches black_001

Outfit: GizzA Warm Touches black

Gizza Man 1_001

Outfit: GizzA Snow woolen sweater white & Pants tartan green

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past year’s memories,
And live your life each new day,
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when it’s done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.

Rebel X 1 und 3 blog

Outfits: !* Rebel -X- *! Yuki Sweater beige & grey

!* Rebel -X- *! Leggins Wool beige & grey

Rebel X 2 und 4 blog

Outfits: !* Rebel -X- *! Yuki Sweater pink & black

!* Rebel -X- *! Leggins Wool pink & black

Rebel X 5 und 6 blog

Outfits: !* Rebel -X- *! Wool Coat black & brown

!* Rebel -X- *! Leggins Wool black snow

Rebel X 7 und 8 blog

Outfits: !* Rebel -X- *! Mellow Skirt black/ red & aqua /blue

!* Rebel -X- *! Winterproof Sweater black & aqua

Rebel X 9 und 10

Outfits: !* Rebel -X- *! Mellow Skirt cherry/ grey & green/ brown

!* Rebel -X- *! Winterproof Sweater red & green

the Mellow Skirts also available in: blue/ aqua, brown/ green, grey/ cherry, orange/ turquoise, pink/ violet,

purple/ yellow, red/ black, turquoise/ orange, white/ black, violet/ pink, yellow/ purple and black/ white

the Winterproof Sweaters also available in: grey, orange, pink, brown, purple, turquoise, blue, cherry, violet, white and yellow

When it’s winter in the Valley
and my breath hangs in the air,
The snow will crunch beneath my feet
and glisten in the air.
The stars at night light up my world
so I never walk alone;
It’s clear and crisp and beautiful
in the Valley I call home.

INDI 1 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Michelle

Boots: INDI Designs De Luca ankle Boots black

INDI 2 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Dale

Shoes: INDI Designs O´Donnell green/ beige

INDI 3 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Sheldon

Shoes: INDI Designs O´Donnell dark brown/ warm beige

INDI 4 blog

Outfit: INDI Designs Michelle (b)

Boots: INDI Designs De Luca Half Boots brown

INDI Designs De Luca Boots beige

I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,
I dream of spiders, and I scream with fright,

I dream of fish, swimming in the sea,
I dream of sharks, coming after me,

I dream of lambs, frolicking around,
I dream of wolves, Hunting, no sound,

I dream of children, several of them ours,
I dream of them waking, Being up for hours,

Stay with me forever and together we’ll cope,
Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together we’ll see,
Not all dreams are bad, so dream along with me.

………and dream along with ~Sassy!~

Sassy Idol red

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Idol red

Sassy Leeloo chainmail

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Leeloo – chainmail

Sassy Wicket green

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Wicked – green

SilsTip 054

SilsTip 055


Hair: Sils Lust- und Launetipp 54: AVid Gothic Hair – Adoration Cut (black)

Sils Lust- und Launetip 55: *C:K* Nyanotech 09-B Series Hair – Revelation V2

Oh the “Tukinowaguma” is a wonderful thing
I love the way it blows and swings
Buisness in the front so they say..
And everytime I see one, it makes my day.
Every place you go..
And every person you see
Has some “Tukinowaguma” in their soul
Including me
So my advise to all of those
Who who dislike “Tukinowaguma” you this goes
“Tunkinowaguma” are a beautiful thing
They leave a smile on the face
and you love the feeling of the curls
When your in the “Tukinowaguma” beholder’s embrace
So next time you see one,
Compliment the lucky star..
Because TUKINOWAGUMA is a beautiful thing
whether you are near or you are far!

                    Hair:  Tukinowaguma Cybon Ebony+ Leaf

        Hair: Tukinowaguma Darner Silver (Silver) + Upstyle

                    Hair: Tukinowaguma Sorite Rose Red (Red)

                       Hair: Tukinowaguma Lilli Ebony (Purple)

                           Hair: Tukinowaguma Zkan Ebony

                          Hair: Tukinowaguma Gine Chocolate