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I´m proud to show you the new skinline “ Tasia” made by unbra….

I think you will like it Zwinkerndes Smiley Enjoy your shopping !

Sell Skin Tasia pale

Sell Skin Tasia redux A

Sell Skin Tasia redux B

Sell Skin Tasia redux C

Sell Skin Tasia tan

Sell Skin Tasia dark

Landmark to UNBRA Skin Mainstore


Dear unbra Fans,

all unbra Skinlines you will get now in a new dark Skincolor.

I will show you today the unbra Skinline “Yakira” in redux D.

Unbra Skins redux D 1

unbra Skins redux D 2

unbra Skins redux D 3

unbra Skins redux D 4

Landmark to the “unbra Skin” Mainstore

I want to have some fun
I want you , I’ve got this feeling
And it just won’t stop
It’s gettin’ so hot
Come help me take this off
I’ve got you
Under my skin

When we touch, I can feel we’ve got a chemistry
Can’t get enough, watch ya when you stand so close to me.
I’ve got you under my skin

You set me off
I can’t wait to feel your hands on me
And when we rock
Feels just like the devils ridin’’me
I’ve got you under my skin

under my skin…. made by unbra…

I´m proud to present you the new “Miranowa” Skinline,

made by unbra.

               unbra Skin Miranova dark M 14 (breast 1) (hairline)

                   unbra Skin Miranova pale M 1 (breast 3) ( hairline)

              unbra Skin Miranova redux A (breast 3) (hairline)

The new skinline by :::unbra:::

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Here is our new skin by::: unbra:::. Mayara, an excellent skin design variants with great makeup.

::unbra Skin::: Yakira

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Here you can see our top model  Enchanteddreams Bebb in the new Yakira Pale Skin by::: unbra:::

Hier könnt ihr unser Topmodel Enchanteddreams im neuen Yakira Pale Skin von :::unbra::: bewundern.

:::unBra::: Skin -Yakira- pale / M10


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Guten Morgen!

Gestern Abend besuchten wir die Show von “La Charme Fashion” rund um die Designer Ramona Planer und mirtha Marjeta. Ein noch etwas jüngeres Label präsentiert Gowns, Schuhe, Couture und Jewellery. Unbedingt einen Ausflug machen und sich diesen Laden ansehen!

Good Morning!

Yesterday we visited the fashion from the label “La Charme Fashion”, owned by Ramona Planer and mirtha Marjeta. Its a newer label, but representing very cute gowns, jewellerys, shoes and couture. So take the link and have a look!

“LeCharme Fashion is synonymous of style and classical elegance and refined. They create clothes, shoes, necklaces, earrings, belts and precious parure. A fascinating journey started from 15th September ’09 that Ramona Planer and Mirtha Marjeta have undertaken.”

(click for a bigger view)

outfit: LE CHARME FASHION * CHANTAL (hat and shoes are included)

skin: :::unBra::: Skin -Sheva- redux B / M4

hair: *booN ELG108 hair chocolate

Love, Nala