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SilsTip 053

Styling Card


*C:K* Deadly Butterfly Top – Blood


*C:K* Dyrk Psycho Lace Up Skirt


Maitreya Gold Aequus Black *V2.0 Boxed*


Tukinowaguma Black Abiru2




Vincenca Rosca Jewellery – Celtic Earring Selection

Have fun!



Some might say her eyes could cause death,
but to me her eyes could only cause death in my heart.

When I look into her eyes, all I feel
is the warmth and kindess she gives.

At times, her eyes can make you love her
and at other times they can make you hate her.

But to me, her eyes are the best things about her body
and the greatest things to cross this earth,
other than God.

Her eyes make me wish, day by day,
that I could see them all day and all night.

Her eyes, I love…her eyes and  I love her skin, I love her jewelry…..


Skin:  TIK TOK Heather Skin fair – hb – cl – forest

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Day and Night Collection

Skin: TIK TOK Heather Skin medium night

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Day and Night Collection

Skin:  TIK TOK Heather Skin mocha snow

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Day and Night Collection

Skin: TIK TOK Heather Skin nougat – hb – glam

Jewelry: Vincenca Rosca Day and Night Collection

 The jewelry of Vincenca Rosca is equipped with a HUD.

 With this it is possible to take all metals and stones in different colors.

SilsTip 044

Dress: Collection MOREA STYLE CITY * INGRID rose*

Jewellery: Vincenca Rosca *North Star Collection* ( set coming soon)

Hair: >TRUTH< Lauren -  black & whites

Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Esprit Black

Have fun!

Sil Collas


Posted: January 9, 2010 by mondfinster in Tukinowaguma, Vincenca Rosca

Hello friends of Envision and of fashion and styling,

today I’ll show you the newest release from “Miamai”, the label around the designer “monica Outlander”. Lovely and high quality clothes mixed up with sex appeal and an elegant style. I love it! Have fun with shopping, your Nala.

Liebe Freunde von Envion und von Fashion und Styling,

heute präsentiere ich euch das neueste Outfit vom Label “Miamai”. Die Designerin “monica Outlander” versteht es, Texturen von höchster Qualität einen Hauch von Sex Appeal und Eleganz einzuhauchen und wunderbare Kreationen zu entwickeln! Unbedingt besuchen! Viel Spaß beim Shoppen!

Eure Nala

shirt: Miamai_Starry Shirt Black NEW!

pants: Miamai_Jeunesse Pants Black NEW!

shoes: *COCO*_SpanglesStilettoHeel_Black

jewellery: Miss Universe Collection by Vincenca Rosca Finest Jewellery

hair: Tukinowaguma Arwen SH Ebony

skin: *OC* Cindy Skin v2 – Nude