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A black satin dress

falls lifeless to the floor

as you present to me

sweet lilac pools of pleasure

Its wetness quenches a thirst

allowing my passion

to enter a kingdom of dreams

filling your palace

with milk and honey

– dripping from every pore

As your ballroom bursts

into heavenly song

our souls dance

intimate waltz

with a rhythm and step

only we know…..

LC  Rinqua - club wear black_001

Envision Model Ryanna MCAndrews in LC Rinqua- club wear black

LC  Xaveria  Evening gown - black_001

Envision Model Ryanna McAndrews in LC Xaveria Evening gown- black

LC Niadis mini dress - black_002

Envision Model Ryanna McAndrews in LC Niadis mini dress- black