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We are proud to show you some pictures of our Envision Models from our last event with the great second life designer azlyn Vaher – YASUM DESIGN

Emerald Yasum 1Emerald Yasum 2

Envision Model EmeraldEyes Honi

Harsch Yasum 1Harsch Yasum 2

Envision Model Harsch Sharktooth

Ipkiss Yasum 1Ipkiss Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly

Koffie Yasum 1Koffie Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Koffie Juniper

Melanie Yasum 1Melanie Yasum 2

Envision Model Melanie Sautereau

Men Yasum 1Men Yasum 2

Envision Guest Model Men Dinzel




Live Music- Fashion- Event  by Envision Models, 02-06-2011,  12  p.m. Second life time

Landmark to our Event

Dear fashion and live music  friends,
we invite you to our Live Music- Fashion- Event at Sunday, 02-06-2011,  12 p.m. Second Life Time.
We will present you the great live music singers ACOUSTIC ENERGY and JANICE MILLS together with high quality fashion designs made by YASUM DESIGN (Azlyn Vaher).

Live Musik Fashion Event

Dear fashion friends,
we invite you to our Fashion Show at Sunday, 11-28-2010, 2 p.m. Second Life Time.
We will present you the fashion designs made by Angel Dessous & Purple Moon.

Our Models are wearing the "Tukinowaguma Hairstyles" together with the Asian line made by Angel Dessous.

involved models of the show:

1. Wicca Merlin

2. EmeraldEyes Honi

3. Koffie Juniper

4. Nala Kurka

5. Peachy Pinion

6. Ryanna McAndrews

Fashion Show Sign AD und PM

Tukinowaguma & Envision Show

Landmark to our Fashion Show

We are proud to present you the pictures of our Fashion Show from last weekend.

Our models showed you the hip hop and street wear collection of HooDGirlZ.

The following models were part of our Fashion Show:

tandra Parx (Envision Model)

Arisia Ashmoot (Envision Model)

Ipkiss Igaly (Envision Model)

Violet Batriani (Envision Model)

wolkenlocke Whitfield (Envision Model)

Peachy Pinion (Envision*s 1st Model)

Sarina Renfort (Envision graduated)

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 1

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 2

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 3

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 4

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 5

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 6

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 7

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 8

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 9

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 10

And here you will find this great designs !

Dear magazine readers,

with this issue, offered to the interested magazine reader, we give away our first special edition

which presents the fashion label “Kunglers” from Barbra & AvaGardner Kungler.

Please take your time to regard the faboulos creations of these fantastic designers.

We are very thankful to our models:

Wicca Merlin, Peachy Pinion, Ryanna McAndrews, Arisia Ashmoot, wolkenlocke Whitfield, Koffie Juniper,

tandra Parx, Melanie Sautereau, Nala Kurka, EmeraldEyes Honi, Violet Batriani, Ipkiss Igaly and Linnda Scofield.

And a special thank to our Manager and modelcoach Jascha Bailey.

Envision Style Magazine 4 Cover de

Our magazine on issue

Landmark to “Kunglers Mainstore”


You are the keeper of my heart, every breath I breathe
Our love is so very real, it’s such a beautiful thing
You will always be a part of me, you make my heart sing
You are my love, you’re in my dreams, you are my everything
What I feel for you is so strong, much deeper than love
It’s so very much more, you’re my shining light from above.

On my darkest days, you always light up my life
When the rain is pouring down, you’re my ray of sunshine
You are peace and happiness where loneliness used to be
You have helped me to find, the other side of me
And you’ve helped me to let all my love flow free
No word could ever describe the depth of my love
And I will always love you with everything in me….. AZUL

AZUL Nerola Pearl 1

AZUL Nerola Pearl 2

Gown: Nerola Pearl by AZUL

At first I thought we would just be friends.
A little did we know, our friendship would bend
To a love that’s so big for the world to see
that you and me are meant to be.

Sun or snow, rain or shine
forever, forever you will be mine
Mine for me, mine to be
Mine for all eternity….. AZUL

Laetitia Gown Onyx ….made by AZUL