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In my dreams I see your face
You’re the one that makes my heart race
In my dreams you hold me tight
You make everything seem so right
In my dreams you’re always to my aid
You are close to me whenever I’m afraid
In my dreams you’re the perfect guy
You never hurt me, you never lie
In my dreams I’m always your girl
And you treat me as a precious pearl
How I wish for this dream to come true
Cause in there I love you and you love me too

Gizza 1

Female: *GizzA* Bon Bon Blouse black + Oriental Pants Zebra

Male: *GizzA* Barong Tagalog black+ Flax Pants Male

Gizza 2 female

*GizzA* Gradenia Cocktail Dress (Sequin)

Gizza3 female

*GizzA* Sophistic Gown (Champagne)


*GizzA* INSANITY Female and Male


We are proud to show you some pictures of our Envision Models from our last event with the great second life designer azlyn Vaher – YASUM DESIGN

Emerald Yasum 1Emerald Yasum 2

Envision Model EmeraldEyes Honi

Harsch Yasum 1Harsch Yasum 2

Envision Model Harsch Sharktooth

Ipkiss Yasum 1Ipkiss Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly

Koffie Yasum 1Koffie Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Koffie Juniper

Melanie Yasum 1Melanie Yasum 2

Envision Model Melanie Sautereau

Men Yasum 1Men Yasum 2

Envision Guest Model Men Dinzel



SilsTip 019 

Styling Card

Outfit: Baiastice_Anita Corsett-black

Hair: >TRUTH< Caroline –  black & whites

Jewellery: DayAndNightCollection by Vincenca Rosca

Shape: Shape Elecsa  by Electelle Eales

SilsTip 017

Styling Card


SilsTip 016

QQ Fashion – Chantilly Maroon Gift ****  Gown with Shoes

Styling Card