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If love asks a question, do not deceive
For the truth is the answer, I only believe

If my heart should open, love do not fear
Or if my eyes in happiness shed a tear

Let the wind in my soul blow you away
And the sun in my heart brighten your day

If love and life I was asked to compare
Both of these with you I wish to share

Champagne Sparkling Fashion

Champagne Mystere - Poet Silver

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly wears: Champagne Gown MYSTERE

Envision Models CEO Kryptonius Eebus wears: Champagne POET Silver

I’ve got your back, you’ve got mine
hold me tight and I’ll be fine
of all the things big and small
what I want most of all
is if you’d agree to never fight
it wouldn’t matter who’s wrong or right
all your heart is what I want you to send
and mine will be with you until the end
of everything I love to do
most of all it’s being with you
I love you… Champagne Sparkling Fashion

champagne Irish Nala

Champagne Gown: Irish

Model: Nala Kurka

Champagne Glamour

Champagne: Glamour

Model: Kryptonius Eebus

In this blogpost I show you some more of the 2011 Tuxedo Collection from Styles of edo


Tuxedo2, Coordinated15

2011Tuxedo 2, Coordinated 15, Styles of edo


Tuxedo6, Coordinated2

2011 Tuxedo 6, Coordinated 2, Styles of edo


Please visit the Styles of edo Mainstore, stay for a while to see all and enjoy shopping !!!


Kryptonius Eebus

Last sunday Envision Models presented a Fashion Show of the special art.

On our catwalk we showed you the Asian line from Angel Dessous, designs from PurpleMoon Creations and hairstyles from Tukinowaguma.

“Angel Dessous – lingerie and couture” is established in SL since 2007. This brand is well known grid-wide for fabulous and detailed lingerie as well as for amazing dresses and gowns. The designers love to design outfits that make women feel beautiful and especial.

“PurpleMoon Creations” offers high quality and detailed outfits, hairs and accessories at affordable prices. Every outfit they made has many fantasy details and it will make you look original and elegant wherever you go. The PM main store seems to be pleasant like a spa and the interior is as tasteful as the offered clothes. You also find all around bridal and wedding supplies there.

Our Models presenting the designs:

EmeraldEyes Honi

Koffie Juniper

Nala Kurka

Peachy Pinion

Ryanna McAndrews

Wicca Merlin


And here are some impressions from the Fashion Show


Show 01


Show 02


Show 04


Show 05


Show 06


Show 07


Show 09


Show 10


Show 11


Show 12


Show 13

“They said something mean about me

and didn’t notice it was mean.

So my heart wandered

into the rainy night without them

and found a canopy

to hide under.

My eyes started

seeing through things.

Like gauze.

Old self through new self.

My flexible body

went backwards

and forwards

in time.

It’s hard to describe but true:

I grew another head with better ideas

inside my head of a Scorpius“

Scorpius Outfit Gold Female

!!! L+N Signature !!! Scorpius Outfit GOLD Female

Scorpius Outfit Gold Male

!!! L+N Signature !!! Scorpius Outfit GOLD Male

Scorpius Outfit Platinum Female

!!! L+N Signature !!! Scorpius Outfit PLATINUM Female

Scorpius Outfit Platinum Male

!!! L+N Signature !!! Scorpius Outfit PLATINUM Male

Scorpius Outfit Platinum Male 2

!!! L+N Signature !!! Scorpius Outfit PLATINUM Male

Love exits since beginning!
Beyond the string of words,
But is a reality.
Love in the firmament of thoughts,
In the guise of clouds,
Always flutters, soars high,
Sometimes contracted into the drops of rain,
Impinges, scatters on the land of heart.
Taking delicacies from the breeze,
And fragrance from the roses,
Colours from the rainbow,
Light from the stars,
Weave a beautiful Anchal,
And from the same Anchal adorns,
Mud-made houses.
Love throws into trials,
Sometimes becoming poetry,
Enhances deference of the words,
Sometimes becoming a tune,
Hums gradually,
It becomes an incarnated eye,
After getting the beloved one,
A strange touch it becomes,
In the alley of the most adored.
Who knows what kind
Of magical utterances it utters,
And hurriedly descends into the close eyes
Of someone with out a knock,
And makes a residence.
Love smiles,
It is a fragrance,
Always abodes in the breath of blossoms,
Such a light it is,
As it turns into moon the dark nights,
And permanent pang it contains,
That has Indescribable tang,
The definition of Love is that it is Love…. Love to Immerschoen

Immerschoen Biker Set

Immerschoen Man – Biker Set #Black

Immerschoen – Man Cowboy Half-Boots (Black)

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)


Immerschoen Hemd, Kette

Immerschoen Man Necklace – Tiger Black/Skull/3er  (Black Band)

Immerschoen Man – Shirt Leather #3 (Black)


Please visit the Immerschoen Mainstore and enjoy shopping !!!

We are proud to present you the pictures of our Fashion Show from last weekend.

Our models showed you the hip hop and street wear collection of HooDGirlZ.

The following models were part of our Fashion Show:

tandra Parx (Envision Model)

Arisia Ashmoot (Envision Model)

Ipkiss Igaly (Envision Model)

Violet Batriani (Envision Model)

wolkenlocke Whitfield (Envision Model)

Peachy Pinion (Envision*s 1st Model)

Sarina Renfort (Envision graduated)

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 1

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 2

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 3

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 4

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 5

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 6

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 7

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 8

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 9

Envision Fashion Show- HoodgirlZ 10

And here you will find this great designs !