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In this blogpost I show you some more of the 2011 Tuxedo Collection from Styles of edo


Tuxedo2, Coordinated15

2011Tuxedo 2, Coordinated 15, Styles of edo


Tuxedo6, Coordinated2

2011 Tuxedo 6, Coordinated 2, Styles of edo


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Kryptonius Eebus


Welcome a quiet day
In your way
Where you can
Drive the van
Of this life
Where you survive
In peace and quiet
To color white
The days of peace
Where trouble’s cease
And shows you dear
Love and care
That can lead you in
The happiness bin
Where all your sorrows
And trouble’s of tomorrow
Will be swapped with joy
For you to forever enjoy.


Styles of edo Tuxedo Tesan3

2011 Tuxedo Tesan 3, C1, Styles of edo


Styles of edo Tuxedo04 Coordinated 18

2011 Tuxedo 4, Coordinated 18, Styles of edo


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Kryptonius Eebus