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Like a dream
We were standing together face to face

Like a dream
You were holding me close and my heart began to race

Like a dream
Our eyes met and the world seemed to disappear

Like a dream
We began to dance to music only we could hear

Like a dream
You brushed my cheek and trace my lips tenderly

Like a dream
Our lips met and we kissed passionately

Like a dream
I was with you and I didn’t have a care

Like a dream
We shared something only you and I could share.

Like a dream
like  “Baiastice”….


Baiastice_sweet disposition-lilac 

Baiastice_sweet disposition-pearl


Baiastice_Camilla shoes-bluette

Baiastice_Camilla shoes-dark nude


Behavior Body Poses Placing 5 + 19


Baiastice_Saba pants-raw umber

Baiastice_Rahila shirt/bodysuit-white

Baiastice_Saba pants-fuchsia

Baiastice_Rahila shirt/bodysuit-burgundy


 Baiastice_crystal_black satin



Behavior Body Poses  Runway 13+ 14


Baiastice_V dress silver

Baiastice_V dress black


Baiastice_Fabric/Lace Unkleboots white

 Baiastice_Destructural Unkleboots crocco silver


Behavior Body Poses Runway 23+ 28

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You are my rainbow
After all of life’s storms
So beautifully bright
Are the colors you’ve borne
No more the dark clouds
Hiding my sun
You’ve chased them away
New happiness has begun
You brought light to my world
Brought a song to my heart
A sweet lovely melody
I thought I’d forgot
You brought me a love
To last for all time
Now you are my rainbow
My song and my sun

I like you… aDiva….

Outfit:   aDiva Summer Glitz latte

Pose by Behavior Body

Outfit:  aDiva dynamic burgundy

Pose by Behavior Body

Outfit:   aDiva Here comes Patty !

Poses by Behavior Body

So many questions
Have yet to be answered
So many answers
Have yet to be questioned

Like leaves in a pond
Or creatures in a lake
I’ve adapted to the leaves
Have you become your lake?

Amazement is of declaring
And peace to be of living
I now declare my amazement
Are you living with your peace?

I have stated my point
Love is what I wear
Do you understand the point I’ve stated?
For “Baiastice”  why I love……..

I am glad to present you again some wonderful designs

made by ” Baiastice”…….

Outfit:  Baiastice_Soft Nautical-yellow

Skin:     Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up10

Shoes:  Baiastice__MIKAELLE_smoke

Poses from BehaviorBody:  BeBo- Runway 35 & 38

Outfit:   Baiastice_Audrey in frills-red

Skin:      Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up11

Shoes:  Baiastice_PlatBijou-stars

Poses from BehaviorBody:  BeBo- Runway- 45 & 48

Gown:   Baiastice_Valentine Gown in satin white

Skin:      Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up4

Shoes:   Baiastice_Roses red

Poses from BehaviorBody:  BeBo (photoshot) 104 & 27

Outfit:    Baiastice_Luna Outfit-umber/cream

Skin:       Baiastice_D. Casting-Sunkiss-make up5

Shoes:    Baiastice__Querelle_black

Poses from BehaviorBody:  BeBo- Runway 39 & 41

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