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If I’ve ever felt apart from the world…
you brought me back

If I’ve ever cried my eyes out…
you’ve made them stop

If I’ve felt fear has kidnapped my heart…
you’ve rescued me

If I’ve ever felt deep misery or loneliness in my eyes…
you’ve filled them with hope and sincerity

If I’ve ever run away from all that I was afraid of…
you’ve showed that me I need to face them

If I’ve ever hidden from the crazy side of my mind…
you’ve showed me light

If I’ve ever been torn or bent…
you’ve straightened me out

If I’ve lost pieces to my heart…
afraid that they wouldn’t be put back together…
you’ve been there to show me it’s never lost.

Yasum Dressed to Kill Outfit 1

Outfit: Yasum *Dressed to Kill* female Full Outfit

Yasum Urban Boots female- included

Yasum French Kiss Outfit 2 Version 1

Yasum French Kiss Outfit 2 Version 2

Outfit: Yasum *French Kiss* Full Outfit in 2 versions

Yasum *French Kiss* Heels-  included

Yasum Hippi Summer black Outfit 3


Outfit: Yasum *Hippi Summer* (black) Full Outfit

Yasum  60´s Heels (black)-  included

Yasum Hippi Summer Outfit 4


Outfit: Yasum  *Hippi Summer* Full Outfit

Yasum 60´s Heels-  included

Azlyn Vaher ( YASUM Owner & Designer) invites you to her New Mainstore Grand Opening @ Yasum Design.

Furthermore she presents you a very wonderful live singer. Listen to some great live music straight from the heart of Shaye Dezno.

What a wonderful way to spend your saturday afternoon with us @ Yasum Design.

Time:  2 PM SLT

Date: April – 30- 2011

Landmark to the Event

You´re very welcome !

and here you get some impressions of Azlyn´s new fashion designs:

Landmark to YASUM Design !!!!  Happy Shopping !

There are no words to describe how beautiful she is,
or how special she is, or my love for her.
To put these things into words would be to define them,
To quantify them, which means to limit them.
There would be a beginning and an end.
There is no definition fitting, nor any limit,
nor beginning or end to her beauty,
or to how special she is, or my love for her…Azlyn Vaher

Yasum London Hottie 2 blog


Yasum London Hottie blog 1

Outfit: YASUM Design *London Hottie*

Yasum Chess Invasion blog

Outfit: YASUM Design *Chess Invasion*

Yasum Chess Checker

Male Outfit: YASUM Design *Chess Checker*

Yasum Bite Me blog

Outfit: YASUM Design *Bite Me*

Love is you through and through.
I have no explanation why I love you
you make my feel that it’s only you
that I can love through and through,
so love me too!


Outfit: Yasum Design Cute Stuff


Boots: Yasum Design Punk Boots

Rottn Chaps black

Outfit: Yasum Design Rottn Chaps black

Rottn Chaps

Outfit: Yasum Design Rottn Chaps

Sassy Coat

Outfit: Yasum Design Sassy Coat

We are proud to show you some pictures of our Envision Models from our last event with the great second life designer azlyn Vaher – YASUM DESIGN

Emerald Yasum 1Emerald Yasum 2

Envision Model EmeraldEyes Honi

Harsch Yasum 1Harsch Yasum 2

Envision Model Harsch Sharktooth

Ipkiss Yasum 1Ipkiss Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly

Koffie Yasum 1Koffie Yasum 2

Envision Topmodel Koffie Juniper

Melanie Yasum 1Melanie Yasum 2

Envision Model Melanie Sautereau

Men Yasum 1Men Yasum 2

Envision Guest Model Men Dinzel



Live Music- Fashion- Event  by Envision Models, 02-06-2011,  12  p.m. Second life time

Landmark to our Event

Dear fashion and live music  friends,
we invite you to our Live Music- Fashion- Event at Sunday, 02-06-2011,  12 p.m. Second Life Time.
We will present you the great live music singers ACOUSTIC ENERGY and JANICE MILLS together with high quality fashion designs made by YASUM DESIGN (Azlyn Vaher).

Live Musik Fashion Event

Today I show you the new male skins Ray and Tarl made by Ramya Skin.

Fotorealistic and very sexy for a great entrance of each man.


Ray Cover

Ray shape Cover

Tarl Shape Cover