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Do you believe in love at first sight?
Do you believe dreams come true?
Do you believe in all this, I know I do!
I believe that dreams come true
because I have always dreamed of someone like you .
I believe in love at first sight
because it just felt so right when I saw you that night.
Now I believe, so, baby, please never leave ,
just stay with me and maybe you will finally see
that you also believe in me !!!


AZUL J.e. Gown Onyx


Glow lady Outshine the moon Your radiance lends warmth To the sun, at high noon You are beautiful- Like a portrait, framed in gold In comparison to you Even fire seems cold. Glow lady Show me some sign That I have touched your heart Like the way you have mine You are wonderful- Like a June moonlit night Like that last puzzle piece When it fits in just right. Glow lady What more can I say My thoughts are all of you Every night, every day You have touched- Something brand new in me And these things I now feel I feel, so tenderly.

Kunglers Patricia Green and Pink

Dresses: Kunglers*** Patricia green & pink

If love asks a question, do not deceive
For the truth is the answer, I only believe

If my heart should open, love do not fear
Or if my eyes in happiness shed a tear

Let the wind in my soul blow you away
And the sun in my heart brighten your day

If love and life I was asked to compare
Both of these with you I wish to share

Champagne Sparkling Fashion

Champagne Mystere - Poet Silver

Envision Topmodel Ipkiss Igaly wears: Champagne Gown MYSTERE

Envision Models CEO Kryptonius Eebus wears: Champagne POET Silver

Forever to hold
never too old
forever to hold,
even when gray and old.
for you are mine
forever to hold
with these few words
let joy fill your heart
with these kisses
let love fill your heart
with these hugs
let warmth fill your heart
for you are mine
forever to hold…  Immerschoen !

Immerschoen - Eliza

Outfit: Immerschoen Eliza

Immerschoen - Sassi

Outfit: Immerschoen Sassi

Immerschoen - Sidney

Outfit: Immerschoen Sidney

In my dreams you are there,
you smile as I run my finger in your hair.
Your eyes are soft.
Your hands are smooth,
Your voice is strong but sensitive, too
You care for me, die for me.
As I would for you, you’re my love.
You are my dream forever, it shall seem.
And some day you shall return.
And in your arms I shall fall.
You are my dream over all… KUNGLERS Couture

Kunglers Louise black & orange


Dress: Kunglers Couture Louise black & orange

Kunglers Zayra Painted & Squares

Dress: Kunglers Couture Zayra Painted & Squares

Once locked away behind iron clad doors,
Feelings and emotions stir,
Disguised by layers of pain and ruin
Two hearts awaken.
A gentle, loving, knowing kiss;
Bound together forever
– Keepers of an invisible connection

Immerschoen Girl Brenda_001

Immerschön Girl Leather Catsuit Brenda black

Immerschoen Girl Cleo Knick_blog

Immerschön Girl `Cleo`Knickerbocker Set steelblue

Immerschoen Man Gaultier_002

Immerschön Man Jeans/ Shirts Set “Gaultier”

Immerschoen Man Stickers_002

Immerschön Man Biker Vest Set # Stickers