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if love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
if love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,
if love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice before
I’ll choice you!
because…..You are my choice… LaVie…

Lavie Skinline Asia light

LaVie new skinline ASIA light

LaVie Shape Jade

LaVie new Shape JADE

Yes, AL VULO has a new Skinline, called *Lalli*. Today I show you some examples. Thank you Hlin !

AL VULO Skinline Lalli blog

Landmark to the AL VULO SKIN Mainstore

Sarai Saphir is very proud to present her new *LaCrima* Skinstore and invites you and your friends to the

grand opening celebration with live music from Janice Mills and AcousticEnergy Nitely.

Sarai Saphir will show you her beautiful Mainstore and offers a skinfatpack for a very interesting price on her opening celebration.

Let yourself be surprised ! You´re very welcome !

Invitation LaCrima

Landmark to the opening celebration of *LaCrima* – The Skinline

I´m proud to show you the new skinline “ Tasia” made by unbra….

I think you will like it Zwinkerndes Smiley Enjoy your shopping !

Sell Skin Tasia pale

Sell Skin Tasia redux A

Sell Skin Tasia redux B

Sell Skin Tasia redux C

Sell Skin Tasia tan

Sell Skin Tasia dark

Landmark to UNBRA Skin Mainstore

It seems like we connected at first glance
As we talked, our words began to dance
Intertwined like the fragrant smoke of insence
Guided and introduced by a chain of events
Enriched with similarities and comfortable silence
"Your skin is so soft; I long for your kiss"

It seems like a joke, the way Destiny hated
And cruel how Time and Chance patiently waited
I had just about given up on romantic fantasies
Until I tasted chocolate covered caramel swirled cream
As I lick my lips and reminisce
The thought of you is still delicious
"Your skin is so soft and I long for your kiss"

Do you hear that? I think I hear Myles
While looking into eyes that create smiles
Now Coltrane hits a run and your voice is the melody
We embrace each other like two part harmony
You feel so good to me –
Like the after effects of a shot of Hennessy
The way you feel is impossible to conceive
"I like the way you kiss; your skin is so soft"

YS YS Skinline Julia

YS YS Skinline Megan

More make- up variations you will find @ Your Skin- Your Shape Mainstore

__BB__ Make Up! - Coll. - CraZy Eyes I

*Barbie Bitch* Make up Collection Crazy Eyes I

__BB__ Make Up! - Coll. - CraZy Eyes II

*Barbie Bitch* Make up Collection Crazy Eyes II

__BB__ Make Up! - Coll. - CraZy Eyes III

*Barbie Bitch* Make up Collection Crazy Eyes III

__BB__ Make Up! - Coll. - Funny Lips

*Barbie Bitch* Make up Collection Funny Lips

__BB__ Make Up! - Coll. - Infallible

*Barbie Bitch* Make up Collection Infaillible

You’ve sparked the fire
It’s roaring hot
My loins are burning
I’ll forget you not

You’ve warmed the heart
That was going astray
Hope renewed
Lust has taken way

You have the moves
I can’t wait
For our next encounter
To take place

Hoping it’s sooner
Than the last
And each time
Is better than the past

Yearning to delve into your mind
Opening the soul
The best turn on of it’s kind
Then the fire takes control

It’s roaring hot
Longing again
For you to hit the spot

Vero 1 blogg

Outfit: Vero Modero Summer DUO & Summer Army

Skins: Shapes by Kira: Tomoko Skin Fantasy 01 B Tone B & Tomoko Skin 01 B Tone A

Special offer: The new Tomoko Skin only 5o l$ this week

Vero 3 und 4 blogg

Outfits: Vero Modero Armour Set & Black Jack

Skins: Shapes by Kira: Elora Skin 01c & Willow Skin 01l