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glorious kimono
kings and great men
bend their knees
in homage due

glorious kimono
there is yet
so much greatness
your legend grew

clothing of
beauties so fair
feminine forms artistic
discovered in view

songs sung
haikus revealed
no longer concealed
the loves found true

glorious kimono
making history
in cunning skills
those who wore you knew

glorious kimono
Japanese women
are covered, deified
and glorified in You

glorious kimono
many colors
folded gently
by the bed
On Japanese women
it is always said

her love is always new

Xylona Asian Dream red gold

Kimono: “Xylona” Asian Dreams red

Tukinowaguma Sayaka Ebony

Hair: Tukinowaguma Sayaka ebony

Xylona Asian Dreams black gold

Kimono: “Xylona” Asian Drems black

Tukinowaguma Akie Ebony

Hair: Tukinowaguma Akie ebony