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The night light that keeps us safe
The light that we embrace
The moon so peaceful and true
The same peaceful light that I see in you
You watch over me
And I watch over you
I know together our love will always bloom
I long to touch you
You long to feel me
our love gets stronger each day
The special light that keeps us safe
The fullest light that I embrace…


LeeZu Outfit 1 blog

LeeZu Outfit 1

Outfit: [LeeZu] Glitter Pants/black

[LeeZu] Arabesque Blouse/blue

Shoes: .*Courtisane*. La Sauvage- Ocean

Hair: *booN* ANT 213 Hair black

Skin: *LaCrima* Skin Mara Pale M1

LeeZu Outfit 2 blog

LeeZu Outfit 2

Outfit: [LeeZu] glitter Pants/ silver

[LeeZu] Araplain Blouse/ olive

Shoes: .*Coutisane*. Devoue Sandal/ graybrown

Hair: *Exile* Fae/ blacks- greystone

Skin: *YS & YS* Julia Skin 13 Impero


I feel the sorrow take a hold I can´t breathe im starting to go my vision blurs and turns to black. I thank god for letting me die fast my final thoughts are of our friendship and how I never meant to leave and how I never meant to cut so deep. 

On Halloween I wear the great Oufit ….

“My Pleasure- Your Highness” made by Violator….

My Pleasure  Your Highness by Violator

My Pleasure Your Highness 2 by Violator

Outfit: “My Pleasure – Your Highness” made by Violator

hair & jewelry included


Even if there are to be seen tears, you mustn’t cry.

Another modern jewelry collection made by $GaNKeD$ designer Misti Merryman.

Here  I show you the $GaNKeD$ Black Tears Collection.

Click here to $GaNKeD$ Mainstore !!

Come on ride with me to Arizona !!!!

Once again a complete collection of modern jewelry.

I am pleased to show you today the $GaNKeD$ Arizona Collection,

made by $GaNKeD$ designer Misti Merryman.

This way up to $GaNKeD$ Mainstore !!

A new post with jewelry from $GaNKeD$.

I am proud to show you today $GaNKeD$ Vanity Collection.

This item also is designed by Misti Merryman.

Link to $GaNKeD$ Mainstore here !!

As hot as fire, it rocks…. the $GaNKed$ Rocklove Collection.

…. as well created by $GaNKeD$ designer Misti Merryman.

There is the way to $GaNKed$ Mainstore.

Dear Fashionates, today I show you a Necklace from $GaNKeD$ in two designs

At first $GaNKeD$ Pearlblossom Necklace BLACK…

…and at second $GaNKeD$ Pearlblossom Necklace GOLD.

This two necklaces are created by $GaNKeD$ designer Misti Merryman.

Have a look to $GaNKeD$ Mainstore !!