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Azlyn Vaher ( YASUM Owner & Designer) invites you to her New Mainstore Grand Opening @ Yasum Design.

Furthermore she presents you a very wonderful live singer. Listen to some great live music straight from the heart of Shaye Dezno.

What a wonderful way to spend your saturday afternoon with us @ Yasum Design.

Time:  2 PM SLT

Date: April – 30- 2011

Landmark to the Event

You´re very welcome !

and here you get some impressions of Azlyn´s new fashion designs:

Landmark to YASUM Design !!!!  Happy Shopping !


Look at me in your moments of despair;
life is no easy life is not fair.
Look at me in your moments of loneliness;
I can bring you peace and I can bring you happiness.
Look at me in your moments of sorrow;
I am your today and I want to be your tomorrow.
Look at me in your moments of joy;
life is also worth to be enjoyed….

Vero Modero Fashion & the beautiful Skins @ LaVie

Vero Modero 1 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Geo Gown Gold

Skin: LaVie Hope Missy Rose Normal # 16 cleavage

Hair: Dr. Life Healthy Hair Kyung

Vero Modero 1 LaVie Skin blog

LaVie Skin Hope Missy Rose Normal #16 cleavage

Vero Modero 1.2 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Geo Gown Fushia

Vero Modero 2 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Starry Night Bronze

Skin: LaVie Hope Smokey Eyes II Normal #3 (H) cleavage

Hair: :Mirone: ADIE V2_ platinum

Vero Modero 3 blog

Gown: Vero Modero / Pearl Bride Wedding Gown

Skin: LaVie Hope Last Dance Normal #9

Hair: Dr. Life Hair Alicia

Vero Modero 3

LaVie Skin Hope Last Dance Normal #9

I look at you and can only see,
My love, my life, my Eternity.

With you there is no end,
Let’s hold each other, our love to tend,

In this chaotic world of ours,
One thing is for sure in my heart,

You finish the circle throughout my life,
Like a never ending fire through the night,

Mystic colors swirl ’round,
Only for you will they die down,

Keep me on your mind and in your thoughts,
What we have, my love, cannot be bought.

Yasum Design Gangster Trap

Yasum Design Gangster Trap

Yasum Design Totaly Owned_001

Yasum Design Totaly Owned

Yasum Design Candy Bond

Yasum Design Candy Bond

You’re the radio, just what I want to hear.
You’re the darkness, my greatest fear.
You’re the candy, you’re ever so sweet.
You’re my addiction, hard to beat.
You’re the air, just what I need.
You’re my depression, my tears I bleed.
You’re my dream, a figment of my imagination.
You’re the punishment, for my retaliation.
You’re the flowers, they live to pollinate.
You’re the ticking clock, my hour of fate.
You’re the clouds, you soar over me.
You’re the crash of waves, from the
raging sea.
You’re my soul, you give me life.
You’re the way out, you’re the knife.
You’re the moon, with such perfect shape.
You’re the dungeon, with no escape.
You’re the birds, they love to sing.
You’re everywhere, you’re everything…

Ys YS Skinline Joceline blog

a selection of make-ups- Skinline *YS- YS* Joceline, more make- up variations are available

all skins come with hairbase and freckles tatoo layer

YS YS Soho Bag Collection blog

the new *YS- YS* Soho bag collection

Ys YS Soho Boots 1 blog

YS YS Soho Boots 2 blog

the new *YS- YS* Soho Boots collection

I dream of rainbows, Bright in the sky,
I dream of lightning, together we cry,

I dream of flowers, I feel such delight,
I dream of spiders, and I scream with fright,

I dream of fish, swimming in the sea,
I dream of sharks, coming after me,

I dream of lambs, frolicking around,
I dream of wolves, Hunting, no sound,

I dream of children, several of them ours,
I dream of them waking, Being up for hours,

Stay with me forever and together we’ll cope,
Because when I dream of you, I dream of hope,

Dream awhile with me and together we’ll see,
Not all dreams are bad, so dream along with me.

………and dream along with ~Sassy!~

Sassy Idol red

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Idol red

Sassy Leeloo chainmail

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Leeloo – chainmail

Sassy Wicket green

Outfit: ~Sassy!~ Wicked – green

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart
and for us to be together to never be apart.
No one else in the world could even compare,
You’re perfect and so is this love we share.
We have so much more then I ever thought we would,
I love you more then I thought I ever could.
I promise to give you all I have to give,
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live.
In your eyes I see our present, future, and past,
by the way you look at me I know we will last.
I hope that one day you will come to realize,
how perfect you are when seen though my eyes.
aDiva Couture…………..

         Outfit:  aDiva Couture Lola Fashion Fall Collections 2010

                                Outfit:  aDiva Couture Sidora

    Gown:  aDIVA Couture Solange Satin Velvet Lace Gown BloodRed

No-one can tear us apart
I love you with all of my heart
More than the moon
More than the stars
Longing forever to be where you are 

 I love you with all of my heart.

No-one can tear us apart
I feel sad and blue
“Only” dreaming of you
For your love is the joy of my heart….. Kunglers Couture….

I´m very proud to present you the newest and beautiful

collection by Kunglers.

                     Kunglers Couture Ellis Prism & Ellis Serina

                   Kunglers Couture Celine tops & Raffi pants

                  Kunglers Couture Glaucia Mint & Glaucia Cherry

                   Kunglers Couture Jolie Grape &  Jolie Blue

                      Kunglers Couture Leilah Red & Leilah Honey

                Kunglers Couture Penelope Beige & Penelope Pink

                Kunglers Couture Samantha Blue & Samantha Black

                    Kunglers Couture Scarlet Cyan &  Scarlet Grape

                   Kunglers Couture Skura Red &  Skura Aloe

   Kunglers Couture Soraia Jacket Green & Soraia Jacket Sangre

Here you will find the way to the “Kunglers Couture” Mainstore…..