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if love comes in colors,
I choose blue,
if love comes in flowers,
I’ll choose rose,
if love comes in songs,
I’ll think of choosing blues,
But if love should come in human beings,
I’ll definitely not think twice before
I’ll choice you!
because…..You are my choice… LaVie…

Lavie Skinline Asia light

LaVie new skinline ASIA light

LaVie Shape Jade

LaVie new Shape JADE


My eyes beheld a sky one night,
It seems so long ago,
A perfectly painted portrait,
Be-speckled with blue and gold.

As I sit and ponder more,
It strikes me that you were there,
And it was truly your simple beauty,
That gave the stars their perfect glare.

With TIK TOK Skins and the jewelry of Kunglers..

                             Skin:  TIK TOK Stella Skin dark- cat

                            Jewelry: Kunglers Bambu Set black

                             Skin: TIK TOK Stella Skin dark- cl- nude

                            Jewelry: Kunglers Orquidea Set- alba

                           Skin: TIK TOK Stella Skin dark- Lady

                     Jewelry: Kunglers Sementes Set silver-red