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A gentle brush of his fingers,
Sending shivers down my spine.
In the love I see in his eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.

He greets me with a smile,
And leaves me with a kiss.
If he were to ever leave me,
I couldn't imagine what I'd miss.

Maybe it's his touch,
Or the way he makes me feel.
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels.
aDiva Couture BloodRedBitch


Outfit: aDiva Couture BloodRed Bitch

aDiva Couture Grenadine

Outfit: aDiva Couture Grenadine

aDiva Couture Tathi

Outfit: aDiva Couture Tathi

Final Clothing Sale

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You are my rainbow
After all of life’s storms
So beautifully bright
Are the colors you’ve borne
No more the dark clouds
Hiding my sun
You’ve chased them away
New happiness has begun
You brought light to my world
Brought a song to my heart
A sweet lovely melody
I thought I’d forgot
You brought me a love
To last for all time
Now you are my rainbow
My song and my sun

I Love You

aDiva Couture

aDiva American Idol Forest green_003_001

aDiva Couture American Idol forest green

aDiva Couture Chocolate Beauty Black_001

aDiva Couture Chocolate Beauty black

aDiva Couture Delicious_001

aDiva Couture Delicious

I see ribbons of ecstacy
when you’re sleeping.
You seduce me in slumber
as you dream beautiful dreams.
Currents of adoration surge through me
as I watch you breathe in peace,
And I synchronize my breaths with yours
in my own awakened dream.

I want to rest with you,
but I am too busy gazing at you
with the deepest of loves.
I bend forward and touch my lips to yours
with the softest of kisses
in the most fantastical fashion.

As I arise you smile as though
it were only a part of your dream.
I watch you rest some more,
until I sit beside you
and hold your gentle hands.
Then I lie beside you
and wrap your warm, relaxed body
in my arms and I close my eyes,
waiting to dream with you…. aDiva Couture

aDiva Couture Bitchy Black_001

                               aDiva Couture Bitchy Black

                                       ( Hair included)

aDiva Couture Evie Leather Black

                         aDiva Couture Evie Leather Black

aDiva couture Moments of Dangerous Pleasure BloodRed_001

     aDiva Couture Moments of Dangerous Pleasure BloodRed

For you my sweet angel I would die
I’d pick all the stars from the sky
And give them all just for you
To let you know how much I love you

My angel I’ll love you thru all eternity
I would do anything for you sweetie
I wrote this poem from my heart
To let you know your my sweetheart

Please stay with me forever
Take my hand and lets be together
Lets fly up to the heavens above
And show everyone we are in love…..

aDiva Couture…………

       aDiva Couture Jaden & Avalanche Fashion Fall Collections 2010

                              aDiva Couture Poeme black

With just one touch,
You make me realize so much.
How I have never loved someone so much, before,
And how I could love you so much more
Than I thought I could,
Than I thought I would.

But, I want you to understand,
I will always be there to lend a helping hand.
I will always believe in you
And would never think of being untrue.
I want my love to be the blanket against the bitter cold
And for our love to never get old.

Every moment we share
I will try to show you how much I care.
If I ever fail to express…
It doesn’t mean I love you any less.
Just look into my eyes,
And you will see no lies.

You will see how much you mean to me;
You will see that you will always be,
The person who makes my heart sing.
You are, simply… my EVERYTHING………. aDiva Couture

aDiva Couture DeeDee Floral Crochet Tunic Fall Collection 2010

                        aDiva Couture Nita Fall Collections 2010

                aDiva Couture Vivien Fashion Fall Collections 2010