You opened up to me. Do you know what that means. Can’t explain what that means to me. I hope it meant the same to you. Out of all the people you chose to opened up to me. You’re driving my mind wild but I don’t know what to do because boy you know I love you. Words can’t explain no matter what’s the situation just call on me and I’ll always be there. You’ve been threw alot that’s true, but that’s one of the reasons I like you. You are real to me and no matter what they think I will always be there. There for you…. aDiva Couture

aDiva Couture Brandie black special_001

aDiva Couture Brandie black special

aDiva couture jaymee Satin Stripe Leather Mix Dress Fuchsia_001

aDiva Couture Jaymee Satin Stripe Leather Mix Dress fuchsia

aDiva couture Rieke Lace Slip Dress DarkBlue_001

aDiva Couture Rieke Lace Slip Dress darkblue

  1. Where are the stockings in the last picture from? Thanks so much! Leonie Szczepanski

  2. Kryptonius Eebus says:

    Hello Leonie,
    the stockings are part of the whole outfit. Enjoy shopping !!

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