Yes this is …… Hoorenbeek

Posted: October 15, 2010 by Kryptonius Eebus in MV-SL-Fashion, [Hoorenbeek]
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Here you see some new and some still known from Hoorenbeek.


Hoorenbeek Sid


[Hoorenbeek] Outfit – Sid

The Outfit – Sid comes with Risky glasses, Military necklace, Corduro jacket, Black sweater, Sculped belt, Black dirty jeans, Dr.H boots, Underpants and Socks.


Hoorenbeek Alejandro


[Hoorenbeek] Outfit – Alejandro

The Outfit – Alejandro comes with Retro glasses, Cigarette, Leather jacket, Brown shirt, Black sweater, hPhone, Boot cut jeans, Chelsea boots, Underpants and Socks.

Visit the [Hoorenbeek] mainstore and enjoy shopping !!!!

Best Regards,

Kryptonius Eebus


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